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Quility is our business plan.
Quality & Environment

Maps Granito is a leader in the manufacture of ceramic tiles and has always performed its work responsibly, with respect for the environment and for the protection of its workers' health and safety. It is unthinkable for us to talk about growth and development without considering the issues of protection and care for the environment, which represent a fundamental reference value for us in doing business and a strategic company management variable.

Quality Control Division
Our obsession with adroit practices doesn't end with manufacturing expertise, it rather begins with it. Once we are done manufacturing products, they undergo a sound quality control check. A team of experts, having an efficient experience trail, check each product for its dimension, size, breaking strength, density, moisture expansion and other properties to ensure that the end product delivered, speaks of our authenticity and inclination towards quality
R&D Department
We are a leading tiles manufacturing company in this day and age and, much of its credit goes to our R&D cell that does continuous research about market trends and ceramic innovations to help us stay updated with the ongoing affairs. It also helps us to discover a room for innovations and inventions. All in all, it adds quality and value to our produces.